How The Golden Charter
Academy Originated:

When Robert decided to retire from the NFL, that is when he realized it was time to help children dreams become reality, just as his did. CJ Jones,
an advocate for the west Fresno community, and also a mentor to Robert Golden came up with the idea of starting a charter school. After having a
conversation with Robert, they both decided that creating an advanced education for children of color will impact our underserved community in a
major way. Being that Robert Golden is a West Fresno native, he understands what it is like growing up in a underserved community. Robert
wanted to use his platform that God gave him to inspire children to have hope for their future.

Robert is a person who understands the importance of education. Without his education, Robert hopes and dreams will not have became reality. The
idea behind the Golden Charter Academy is to give kids exposure to a learning environment that they will all enjoy. Robert believes that the
Golden Charter Academy will be a school that engages each and every student in its own unique way. His overall goal for children at the Golden
Charter Academy is to prepare each student for future success.

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